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Friday, 26 September 2008 14:43



Dear visitor!


As it is widely known, the Újlak Student Foundation was established in 1991. The objective of the Foundation was to support and patronize the classes that are learning high-standard English. The parents of these children sponsor the work of these classes. Later

 it turned out that the work of the Foundation was necessary in other aspects of the school’s life. It is impossible to list all the help - regarding education and nurturing- that the Foundation has given us during the years.


I will try to name some of them:


-         Supporting English and informatics courses

-         Paying the fees of different competitions and language exams and rewarding the winners

-         Programs (Carnival, Christmas celebration, goulash soup cooking)

-         Favours class trips, open-air schools, school camps

-         Helping in class decoration

-         Securing school tools and instruments


In my opinion the supporters of the Foundation are not aware of how important and necessary their work is. From this semester on we enable You to follow the work of the Foundation personally and on the internet as well. With this help You can easily track the expenses of the Foundation and the multiple tasks it performs.

We thank Your former help and ask for further support.

Relying on Your kind cooperation,


Your’s sincerely,

Adrien, Sarkadi Nagy           headmistress

Gábor, Király Dr. chairman of Advisory Board